Interested in WikiD, but not sure how to begin? Charity Edwards and Alysia Bennett have some suggestions of easy things to get you going.


We’re run regular casual edit-a-thons to help increase the number of Wikipedia articles on women in architecture and the built environment. Come on in, say hello, and let us help you get start editing the largest reference work on the Internet….

To join in, simply sign up to Wikipedia before you come along, and think about what you’d like to edit. If you’re new to editing – or just not sure what you should tackle – then let us suggest some easy tasks:

The WikiD List

Who is your favourite Australian architect or designer, and are they missing from Wikipedia altogether? If so, why should they be there? Add to our list of women who need their own page on Wikipedia!

Missing in action

Who are the missing working partners from well-known icons? Think Wendy Lewin & Glenn Murcott, and more…

And just one more little thing …

What are some small edits that can be replicated across multiple pages? One of our favourite stories is when one of our editors decided to add ‘and Marion Mahony Griffin’ to all the pages that mentioned work created by her and Walter Burley Griffin.

We can fix it!

Let’s amend a list of flagged errors we have found across a variety of existing pages, Short, sharp, and decisive action!

Or if you are keen to do more

Pick a missing architect and start to collect some material. Take a look at the WikiD Guides to Editing Wikipedia. Bring your laptop, any references you’ve collected on your topic, and a sense of humour. We’ll help you get going, and be around if you have any questions.

See you all soon!