The number of Australian women architects on Wikipedia is rapidly increasing. Before the first writing parties on March 8 only ten women were listed, now that number had quadrupled! We look forward to this number increasing over the next few months.

Some of the entries listed below need further work – refer to the Australian subject spreadsheet to see what needs to be done, and for suggestions of entries that need to be written. You can also access lists on the Wikipedia wikiD project page.

Find out more about wikiD: Women, Wikipedia, Design.

Lily Maude Addison
Brit Andresen
Eva Buhrich

Karen Burns
Stroma Buttrose
Kerry Clare
Justine Clark
Eleanor Cullis-Hill

Louise Cox
Suzanne Dance
Maggie Edmond
Harriet Edquist
Zahava Elenberg
Cassandra Fahey
Elizabeth Farrelly
Margaret Feilman
Margaret Findlay
Abbie Galvin
Jill Garner
Eli Giannini
Eileen Good
Elizabeth Grant
Kristin Green
Winsome Hall Andrew
Marion Hall Best
Laura Harding
Ellison Harvie
Jean Hillier
Beatrice Hutton
Sandra Kaji-O’Grady
Helen Lochhead
Ruth Lucas
Nellie McCredie
Kirsteen Mackay
Kooi-Ying Mah
Gill Matthewson
Margaret Pitt Morison
Elina Mottram (shown in the thumbnail image)
Phyllis Murphy
Rachel Nolan
Andrea Nield
Ellice Nosworthy
Alexis Ord
Shelley Penn
Christine Phillips
Susan Phillips
Caroline Pidcock
Louise St John Kennedy
Penelope Seidler
Florence Taylor
Jennifer Taylor
Cynthia Teague
Kerstin Thompson
Mary Turner Shaw
Emma Young
Suzanna Waldron
Cindy Walters