Parlour is a research-based advocacy organisation working to improve gender equity in architecture and the built environment professions. As activists and advocates we aim to generate debate and discussion. As researchers and scholars we provide serious analysis and a firm evidence base for change. As active participants in Australian architecture we seek to open up opportunities and broaden definitions of what architectural activity might be.

Naomi Stead, Alison Cleary, Gill Matthewson, Susie Ashworth, Justine Clark, Julie Willis, Sarah Lynn Rees. Photograph: Peter Bennetts.

Parlour acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of Country across Australia’s many nations and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. We pay our respects to their elders past, present and emerging, and extend that respect to the Indigenous people who are part of the Parlour community.

Parlour in Action

Parlour is a small, lean non-profit organisation that has a big impact. We undertake a broad and wide-ranging suite of activities. These are documented in our annual activity reports.

Initiatives & Impact: 2021

Initiatives & impact: 2019–20

Initiatives & impact: 2018

Initiatives & impact: 2017

Initiatives & impact: 2016

Initiatives & impact: 2015

We thank all those who support our work, and the many organisations and individuals who collaborate with us and have stood by us through challenging times.

Parlour projects

In addition to ongoing activities, Parlour has undertaken a range of discreet projects – exhibitions, symposia and other one-off things. Find out more about these here.

Parlour Inc

Parlour is an Incorporated Association and operates with the following aims:

  1. To promote gender equity in architecture.
  2. To develop education and advocacy programs and resources based in independent, rigorous research.
  3. To provide a vital space for the discussion of equity in architecture and publish informed opinion and generate debate and discussion.
  4. To develop and strengthen networks and communities committed to equity in architecture.
  5. To celebrate women active in the architecture and built environment professions, and to provide opportunity and profile for the many women working successfully in architecture.

Parlour office holders are Justine Clark (President), Naomi Stead (Vice-President), Alison McFadyen (Secretary), Gill Matthewson (Treasurer) and Susie Ashworth, Julie Willis, Alison Cleary and Sarah Lynn Rees (committee). We would also like to acknowledge fellow co-founder Karen Burns, who among other things named Parlour. Karen left the association in early 2019, Alison Cleary and Sarah joined in late 2019 and Alison McFadyen in 2022. The Parlour website is edited by Susie Ashworth and Justine Clark. It is archived by Pandora, the National Library of Australia’s web archive.

Parlour associates

Parlour collaborates with associates around Australia. Parlour Seasonal Salons are led by a range of people around the country. Alison McFadyen leads the national Seasonal Salon program. Supporting the work of Parlour in Brisbane is Kelly Greenop and in Perth we have Suzanne (Suzie) Hunt. In Hobart, the Salon program is run in collaboration with Bek Verrier and Sophie Bence of The Findlay Project. The Parlour LAB series is convened by Kali Marnane, Rebecca McLaughlan and Amanda Achmadi. Macarena de la Vega de Leon was instrumental in establishing the LAB series. Deadly Djurumin Yarns are convened by Sarah Lynn Rees and Danièle Hromek, and are a collaboration with Deadly Djurumin. The WikiD program is run by Justine Clark, Charity Edwards, Alysia Bennett and Virginia Mannering. Sarah Mair works with Justine to support Parlour’s event program, and in 2020, Sarah and Bronwen Main ran the Midday, Monday sessions. Simona Castricum offers valuable advice and input on gender diversity, non-binary and trans gender matters. Many other people offer advice and input. We are grateful to them all.

Parlour Partners and the Parlour Collective

Parlour’s work is financially supported by Parlour Partners and Parlour Collective.


Parlour collaborates with cultural and built environment organisations on initiatives of mutual interest. Parlour has benefitted from significant, ongoing support from key people over the years – these are our accomplices.

Butter paper web  – Peter Johns

Studio Catherine Griffiths – Catherine Griffiths

Peter Bennetts


Parlour was initiated as part of the Australian Research Council-funded research project Equity and Diversity in the Australian Architecture Profession: Women, Work, and Leadership. Led by Naomi Stead, researchers on this project were Justine Clark, Gill Matthewson, Karen Burns, Amanda Roan, Gillian Whitehouse and Sandra Kaji-O’Grady. The Parlour website was established by Justine Clark and launched in 2012, as a site for active exchange and discussion. The intent was to bring together research, informed opinion and resources on women, equity and architecture in Australia, and to expand the spaces and opportunities available to women while also revealing the many women who already contribute in diverse ways. Parlour became an incorporated association on 24 April 2015. Co-founders were Justine Clark, Naomi Stead, Gill Matthewson, Susie Ashworth, Julie Willis and Karen Burns.