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Parlour Collective



Explore the Parlour reading lists – hand-picked personal recommendations from experts in their field.


tips & advice

resource lists

Considered collections of guides, tools and information on key topics.


design for equity

How can the built environment professions contribute to creating a more equitable, inclusive and just community? What is potential for the social impact, and how can this be realised?


building the archive

The contemporary project of increasing equity and visibility includes remembering and learning from those who have gone before us. A very incomplete archive of past women and equity initiatives in architecture.

parlour reading room

Welcome to our take on the book club – six themes with carefully curated reading lists and facilitation questions.

stepping up

Practical approaches to improving equity in architecture and built environment practices.

letters to my younger self

Our letter writers reflect on their professional lives. They offer advice and anecdotes on navigating study and work, and balancing it with other pursuits and commitments.

in conversation

Long form conversations canvassing life and work in architecture and the built environment with established figures.


Our series from the midst of the pandemic – reflecting on new work paradigms and the challenges and joy of remote work and moments of invention and generosity.

leading change

The women at the forefront of our organisations and institutions share their thoughts on leadership and the experiences that have shaped them.

the path ahead

Those with experience of living and working through economic downturns to share their wisdom and advice with younger practitioners.

action in the field

Documenting some of the many groups and projects that aim to increase diversity and equity in the architecture…