Each week we hand over the Parlour Instagram account to a different host. This is an opportunity to present a complex picture of architecture and the people involved in it. Sign up for your turn to take that account for a whirl! (We now have over 25 thousand followers from all over the world!)

Sign up for your week

If you are interested, check out the Parlour Instagram to see what previous hosts have done. (It is worth scrolling back, there have been some fantastic hosts over past years.)


  1. Add your name to the signup sheet on an available week
  2. Email us to let us know, and include a pic that we can use to introduce you with.
    We’ll reply to confirm the date and give you access via Meta Business Suite
  3. Check out the protocols below
  4. Start planning your week

We look forward to having you!

Instagram hosting process & protocols


Parlour guest hosting is available to everyone – individuals, practices, informal groups and organisations.

Please note: guest hosting the Parlour instagram account does not automatically confer Parlour endorsement of the host or their actions.


You will have Parlour instagram from midday Monday Melbourne time until the end of Friday on your chosen week. We give you access to the account via temporary access to Meta Business Suite.

We do a very simple introduction post. Consider introducing yourself / your organisation in more detail in your first post.


Choose images and content that are relevant and appropriate to Parlour. Images could pertain to a particular topic, or could simply document your life in architecture or the built environment.

Do be honest and genuine. Don’t treat this as a PR opportunity – the Parlour community is highly attuned to ‘gender washing,’ and will see straight through it. This is particularly important for practices and organisations.

Thinks about sequencing, but remember the algorithm

The Instagram algorithm means that people will see your posts out of context and possibly out of order. Do think about this when posting. If sequencing and context is important to your post and people’s interpretation of it, make sure that you include relevant information in the post itself.


Try to keep up a regular presence without flooding people.

  • 2 to 3 image per day is good as a guide
  • Try to post an image a day at a minimum
  • Try not to post more than 5 or 6 per day, unless you are live posting an event or similar (in which case consider using stories)


We have followers all over the world, so there is no need to worry about timezones. Just post whenever it suits you. Some people have a regular schedule, others fit it in to the ebb and flow of their day. Either approach is fine.

Visual identity

Please use your own graphics and visual identity. Do not use the Parlour logo on your posts or mimic Parlour’s visual identity.

Coherence, accessibility and communication

If you are using text on images, please make sure that it is big enough for people to read easily, and do include Alt Text descriptions. Please ensure that any text is coherent and comprehensible. Check for typos.

If you are talking about an initiative or program, make sure you introduce it in broad terms before diving into detail. Remember, people in the audience most likely know nothing about your work / project / initiative – take them with you!

Copyright and credit

Please only post images that you took yourself or that you have permission to use. If you do post an image by someone else, with permission, please credit the photographer.

If you are posting about projects or initiatives, please give credit where it is due. It is better to err on the side of generosity.


In the caption please include #ParlourInstaGuest.

Profile and URL

We name the guest host for the week in the account profile. Please don’t change the associated URL, which should remain connected to the Parlour website.


Please do reply to comments on your posts – it is great to engage. Please don’t comment on posts on other accounts when logged in as Parlour. Comments on other people’s posts are best made from your own account.

Do not send direct messages to others from the Parlour instagram account.


Do be polemical and forthright, but please be respectful. The Parlour etiquette applies here too. In particular, please avoid negative comment about individuals or organisations.

If you have a story to tell about bias or poor behaviour, please anonymise the story. We recognise that these stories need to be told, but Parlour Instagram is not the place to name and shame as it exposes Parlour to too much risk.

All hosts must follow Instagram Community Guidelines. This includes ensuring that you do not post images or captions that may be reasonably perceived as inappropriate, offensive or disrespectful.

We reserve the right to delete or archive posts that we consider inappropriate, although we expect to never have to do this!

Of you experience any difficulties while you are guest hosting Parlour instagram, please contact us immediately at hello@parlour.org.au.

If you have concerns about the relevance or appropriateness of material posted by Parlour Instagram guest hosts, please contact us on hello@parlour.org.au.


We prefer it if our guest hosts are clear about who they are in public. However, we recognise that some topics require anonymity. If you would like to maintain anonymity as a guest host please discuss this with us ahead of your hosting week. The instagram hosting manager needs to know who you are but this will not be shared with anyone else.

If you are posting on behalf of a group or organisation the instagram hosting manager needs to know who is posting.

Our guest hosts

Previous guest hosts have been

Alysia Bennett, Gail Pini, Cara Wiseman, Talina Edwards, Melinda Howard, Charity Edwards, Neph Wake, Virginia Mannering, Josh Wallaert, Emma Healy, Jacqueline Connor, Bernadette Wilson, Katelin Butler, Kelsey Cowle, Maria Danos, Genevieve Lilley, Shaun Carter, Shelley Freeman, Melonie Bayl Smith, Sonia Sarangi, Diana Snape, Virginia Rigney, Monique Woodward, Kart Projects, Tania Davidge, John Ellway, Phuong Le, Sally Ogle, Matthew Kneale, Joseph O’Maera, Yvonne Meng, Madeline Sewall, Justine Clark, Helen Norrie, Pia Ednie-Brown, Jessica Hardwick, Stuart King, Gill Matthewson, Peter Raisbeck, Emma Guthrey, Fiona Martin, Cumulus Studio, Nadine Samaha, Cristina Garduno Freeman and Fiona Gray, Luisa Manfredini and David Macrae, Meaghan Dwyer, Emily Grandstaff-Rice


Sander de Vries, Clare Connan, Caroline Kite, Panayiota Moschoyiannis, Jessica Halliday, Minx Architecture, Meghana Joshi, Anne Hindley, Kim Lai, Scott Burchell, GHD Woodhead, Aminah Ricks, Liminal Studio, Heather Griffin, XYX Lab, Antonia Pesenti, Nikki Holdsworth, Jasmine Richardson, Naomi Stead and Nicole Kalms, Danielle Mileo, Janine Campbell, Alison Brookbanks, Anja Michelzahn, NH Architecture, Anthony Richardson, Jill Pope, Architects for Peace, Meredith Earls–Büro North, Estelle Rose Rehayem, ASAC Inc./Student Congress, Sue Wittenoom, Jhennifer A. Amundson, Madeline Nolan, School of Architecture, Adl Uni, Tristan Wong, Kellie McGivern – Cox Architecture, Justine Cox – ClarkeKeller Architects, Kirsty Volz, University of Queensland, Isabella Peppard, Monash University, Felicity Watson, Lily Freeman, Candace Garraway – UoN – Masters of Architecture, Kalliopi Vakras, Heather Ward-Walton, University of Melbourne, April McCabe, Fritha Hobbs, Timothy Moore, Alix, Maddie & Sam – HASSELL, Nicola Hardy – Secret Envelope Productions, Rebecca Hawcroft – The Other Moderns, Philips Pilkington, Lucy, Zoe, Holly – Architectus, Diana, Louise and Leonie – MelbUni, Julie Willis, Rachael Bernstone, Rebecca Champney, Liz Foo, Clinton Cole – CplusC, Suzie Hunt, Emma Healy, Sylvia Walker


Cristina Cerulli – Studio Polpo and Sheffield Hallam University, Michael Gay – MSG Architecture, Cristina Garduno Freeman, Ariana Rodriguez – Crone, Alisha Abate, Jocelyn Chiew – Monash University (Campus Design, Quality and Planning), Rose MacMahon – CLA, Sarah Lynn Rees, Cox Architecture, Cristina Garduno Freeman, SA Chapter Aust Inst of Architects, QLD Get Equity Task Force, Monash Architecture Students (posting by Isabella Peppard), Margie Rahmann – Edmiston Jones Architects, Gerhana Waty – Hansen Partnership, Wei Jien – L’Observatoire International, Michael Smith, Jude Abell, Justine Clark, Tarsha Finney, Cottee Parker Architects, Jen Grosso, Bates Smart, Voices of Experience, Castiel Shepp, Verity Campbell Communications, 3°09 Collective, IADV, Sophie Solomon, Duncan Gibbs, K2LD Architects and Interiors, Danei Cesario, Siufan Adey, AILA, Sonia van de Haar, WOWOWA Architecture, Ruby Gulland, Byron Kinnaird, Jessica Hood, Pascale Sablan, Zoe Geyer, Billard Leece Partnership, Kate Freshwater, LEVEL, Natalia Krysiak, Kate Nason, Built Environment Channel, Wilson Architects, Elevation Architecture, Katherine Masiulanis, Samyuktha Pillai, Rachael Bernstone, Jennifer Crawford


Pop Architecture, Luisa Manfredini, Louise Wallis, Michelle Hamer, q-studio, Sarah Marsom, Part W, Laura Bulmer, Guymer Bailey Architects, Bridget Nathan – Doyenne Podcast, deciBel Architecture, Perspectives –Emily Wombwell & Liz Metlikovec, Leila Allbrook, Melinda Howard, Sarah Ackland – Erect Architecture, Kathleen Cayetano – Woods Bagot, Shuang West, Kath Walters, Nervegna Reed Arch with MSD Melb Uni, Fay Greenhalgh – Glowing Stuctures, Roberts Day Planning and Urban Design, Nermine Zahran, EmAGN WA, The Anganwadi Project, Michelle Martin, Pippa Lee, NCGE National Committee for Gender Equity, Celeste Bolte of BowerBird, Shaneen Fantin & Belinda Allwood of POD (People Oriented Design), Elise Cautley, Carter Williamson, Jane Connory, Katie Katos of Open House Launceston, Nurgul Yardim, Isabella Peppard, Built Environment Channel, Kathy Waghorn, Tiffany Liew, Michelle Newell, Praxxis, Natalie Tse, Juliet Lloyd, Maya Borjesson, Erin Crowden, Nhung Vo, Sam Downing


Jéssica dos Anjos, Stewart Architecture, Katherine Williams, Sarah Akigbogun, Heather MacRae, Melissa Daniel, Erin Moore, Katrina Logan, Vlasta Jeftic and Tenisha Goatcher, MGS Architects, Bridget Nathan, UrbanistasBNE, Natalie B, Zoë Berman, Sonali Dhanpal, Jennifer Crawford, Kit Ku, Isabella Peppard, Girl UNinterrupted, Bo Wong, Kathrine Vand, Tina Fox, Women in Architecture/ WIA (UK), Arielle Marom, Katy Moir, Pearl Ho, Genevieve Quinn, Gill Armstrong, Saneia Norton, Janine Campbell, Julie Collins, Alison Cleary, Stephanie Jazmines, (ladies of) 6 Degrees Architects, Cristina Lanz Azcarate, Sophie Lanigan, Sally Matthews, Amrita Mahindroo, Nicola Traise, Deadly Djurumin, Kali Marnane, Laura Graham, Paradise Journal, Alison Huynh, Karen Fugle, Brittany Pearce, Sally Hsu


Vlasta Jeftic, Form Follows Feminine, YeeKee Ku, Lucy Homer, Jacinda Sadler, Simona Castricum, Marti Fooks, XYX Lab, Eleanor Peres, Jane Connory, Marty Bignell, Natalia Krysiak, Samantha Donnelly, Meghana Joshi, Kat Martindale, Kirsty Volz and Susan Holden, Camille Greenfield, Anais Blehaut, Alistair McLean, Tara Cull, Sarah Haq, Isabella Peppard, NAME architecture – Nathalie Rozencwajg, Bernadette Hardy, Villa Italia, Wellbeing of Architects, Tom Rivard – REALMstudios, Champions of Change Architecture Group, Parlour Reading Room, Kim Pearce, Saakshi Terway, Architectus, Winter Architecture, Sinem Görücü, Olaver Architecture, XXAOC – Sarah Akigbogun, MIIM Designs LLC / Maryam Eskandari, Housing Assembly, WIA UK, Sarah Lawlor, Architecture for kids school, Ghislain Maiden, Urban Design Forum, Sana Tabassum, Rashika Rajpal, Jessica Margiotta – GroupGSA, Jessica Hernandez – Neopictonic Cartagena.


Core Collective Architects, Reading Room, Natasha Ugrinic, Luisa Manfredini, Ishita Shah / Curating for Culture, Vanessa Whittem, Jacques Chevrant, GET, Detail Studio, Olivia Potter, BatesSmart, Claire Ward, USyd/UNSW/COX/NSWGA (Alysia Bennett), Women Writing Architecture, SJB, Bohemia Hookham, Sam Donnelly / Sophie Dyring, Tosin Bamidele, Felice Burrows – insight.onsite, Sarah Aldridge, Charlotte Pelletier, Alexia Baikie, Parlour Reading Room, School of A+B Deakin Uni Gender Equity Diversity & Inclusion, EmAGN, Ariani Anwar, Hassell, Afterparti Collective, Talina Edwards, Occupy, HDR, Emma Geoghegan TU Dublin, JDA Co, Lily Parsons and Samuel Stair: Chez Etym, Cox Architecture, Targol Khorram, Architectus, Fae Sarshoghi, Liz Brogden, Deakin School of Architecture and Built Environment, Slattery, Dijana Tasevska and Adeline Loke.


Jessica Watson, Maria McLintock, Elizabeth Farrelly, Jessica Sewell, Kerstin Thompson Architects, FOOKS, ClarkeHopkinsClarke, TULA, WID @ Hassell, NH, Practice of Architecture (Evelyn Lee), Design Institute of Australia, Adjacency Studio, DesignAware, Dayenny Quintanilha, Elizabeth Cox, Larry Paschall, Marra + Yeh Architects, Charity Edwards, Austin Maynard Architects, Amanda Chan – Architectus Conrad Gargett, Street Level Australia, Latent Design, Anonymous, Mena Kubba, Parlour / Simona Castricum, Sarah O’Dwyer at Welsh School of Architecture, Andrea, Bridget, Kim graduates/students at BLP, Shannon Winsor – Plus Architecture, DiMase Architects, Sophie Adsett / Matrix exhibition, NBRS, Shanica Saenrak Hall, Celtcia, Feminista Melbourne, John Gollings.