Parlour collaborates closely with Corporate Partners and Institutional Partners. We greatly value this support and the close relationships we have with our Partners, which enables us to deliver a wide range of initiatives and support the ever-growing Parlour community.

We are always interested to develop further partnerships. Get in touch to find out more. Our Partnerships Manager Fiona Gray looks forward to talking to you!

Corporate Partners

We are delighted to have strong relationships with a range of corporate partners, who gain access to a highly engaged and active community within the built environment professions. Our Partner’s financial support enables us to continue our work and, importantly, we benefit from their insight and advice. Parlour Partners understand the meaning and value of our work, and all are strong supporters.


Brickworks supports the Parlour event program by hosting Seasonal Salons at Brickworks Design Studios around Australia. They are great hosts and certainly know how to put on a fabulous event!

BEC Design Atlas

BEC is a long-term Parlour Partner, and we are delighted to restart the relationship in 2022. It is great to see Parlour activities promoted on BEC screens across the nation.

Management for Design provides invaluable in-kind support to assist Parlour with financial management and business strategy.

Planned Cover joined us in July 2023. We have many shared interests in good business practices and structural factors in the profession and we are thrilled to have their support!

If your company is interested in joining us as a Parlour Corporate Partner, please get in touch!

Institutional Partners

We receive valuable support from our institutional partners, many of whom we have worked with for a very long time. Our university partners spread the work to coming generations of professionals, thereby supporting long-term change.

University of Melbourne logo

The University of Melbourne has been a Partner since Parlour’s inception. It was a research partner on the large study that led to Parlour, and then became our principal institutional Partner. We have collaborated on many initiatives, including the two-day symposium Transformations: Action on Equity and the 2021 series of Light at the End of the Tunnel.

The University of Queensland is where Parlour began. The research project was led from UQ and the UQ Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology has been a Parlour Partner since 2015. Among many shared activities, UQ collaborated on the early session of the Parlour LAB series with SAHANZ.

The Australian Institute of Architects was an industry research partner on the study that led to Parlour. This resulted in, among other things, to the Institute’s Gender Equity Policy and the founding of the National Committee for Gender Equity. The Institute has been a Parlour Partner a number of times since 2015.

Monash logo

Monash Art Design and Architecture joined Parlour as Partner in 2015, and we have worked closely with the team ever since. In 2020 Parlour collaborated with Monash on the Light at the End of the Tunnel series.


The XYX Lab at Monash shares a focus on research and action on gender equity. We are very pleased to have their support for our work, and value their commitment to equity in public space.

The University of Newcastle joined as a Parlour Partner in 2019. We particularly value the insight they offer into matters outside Australia’s capital cities.

The Association of Architecture Schools of Australasia has been a Parlour Partner since 2019 and brings connection and insight into the wider academic community.

The University of Tasmania joined as a Parlour Partner in 2019. We collaborate on events and participate in classes.

UTS logo

The University of Technology, Sydney joined as a Parlour Partner in 2023. We look forward to doing lots together.

Previous Partners

The research project that led to Parlour involved the University of Queensland and the University of Melbourne and five industry partners.

AWS supported the Seasonal Salon program from its inception in 2016 until 2022. RMIT was a Parlour Institutional Partner from 2017–2020, UNSW was an Institutional Partner for 2017.