We are delighted to launch Parlour Pod – bringing conversations recorded live at Salons around the country to a podcasting platform near you!

Parlour POD presents convivial, candid, intergenerational conversations about life and work in and around architecture and the built environment. Recorded live at much-loved Seasonal Salons, we are delighted to share these generous and spirited conversations through our new podcast.

The Parlour Salons were launched in late 2016 at Melbourne’s MPavilion, beginning with an excellent conversation between Kerstin Thompson and Clare Cousins. In December 2022 we returned to the MPavilion for Salon number 80 – a remarkable session with Marika Neustupny and Suzanne Dance. In between, we have held Salons around Australia – in all capital cities and some regional towns. These lively events have become important fixtures in the Parlour calendar (see the Parlour Salon Report).

Over the years we have collected an extensive library of audio recordings from these sessions (and some video). Many of these are now available through Parlour POD – and there are many more to come as we work our way through collection.

The Salon is an open format – there are few rules and the brief is very open. We simply ask two women at different stages of their career to ‘interview’ each other. There is no event chair, and each conversation pair directs the discussion however they choose. Some come prepared with pages of notes, others wing it.  The result is a set of remarkable conversations on a wide range of topics, all conducted with good humour and humility.

These conversations are unlike any other event in Australian architecture. Frank and funny, intimate and engaging, considered and thought provoking, they reveal life in and around architecture and the built environment as complex, messy and always interesting. Hopeful and optimistic, these discussions are also realistic about the challenges, both personal and professional. We hope you enjoy listening to them!

Parlour POD episodes are available via the Parlour website, Buzzsprout and on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

See the latest episodes below. For the full set head to Parlour POD.

The Parlour POD visual identity was designed by Catherine Griffiths, with animation by Shing Hei Ho. Simona Castricum generously composed the jingle. Podcast editing is by Myfanwy Hocking and Caleb Miller, and the program is managed by Alison McFadyen and Justine Clark.