This vivid and passionate conversation between April McCabe and Amelia Lee focuses on how the built environment can improve the quality of life for all, and the ways that Amelia and April use their professional skills to advocate for others. It is available as both a podcast and video.

Our conversationalists for this episode are April McCabe and Amelia Lee. Amelia is the founder of Undercover Architect and April is a strategic planner and founder of Urbanistas Sydney. At the time of this conversation April was Associate Director at Cred Consulting she has since become Director, Social Strategy + Engagement at The Planning Studio. They meet for the first time in this passionate conversation.

Our speakers barely pause to draw breath as they speak about their dedication to improving the built environment for all, the importance of giving people access to good information and why working on projects that align with your values matters.

April describes herself as the ‘knowledge bowerbird’, describing how she loves community voices and stories and the conversations you get to have as a planner when creating policy. Amelia explains her mantra for Undercover Architect – “a rising tide floats all boats” – arguing that power is knowledge we should share and not hold. They are in furious agreement about the importance of giving people access to good information (your secret ally), and of generosity when engaging with communities.

This Salon was recorded live on Zoom in Wednesday 11 August, 2021. Organised by Ali McFadyen and Emma Healy, it was supported by Parlour Partner AWS.