From setting up a practice with your name on the door to effectively advocating for the value of architecture, listen to Kerstin Thompson and Clare Cousins chat at the first ever Parlour Salon back in 2016 in Melbourne.


This Parlour POD episode comes from the very first Parlour Seasonal Salon, which kicked off the entire series back in 2016. Our inaugural conversationalists are well-known, highly regarded architects Kerstin Thompson and Clare Cousins, who each lead their own eponymous Melbourne-based practice.

They share stories and advice about setting up and leading practices that have their name on the door, their experiences as prominent women in the profession and advice for others setting out. The conversation concludes with a discussion of the importance of architects clearly advocating for the value and impact of the profession every day. 

This session was recorded live on Wurundjeri Country at the 2016 Melbourne Spring Salon, held at the MPavilion on Saturday 15 October, 2016. Organised by Justine Clark, it was supported by AWS. This recording comes to you courtesy of the MPavilion podcast library. Photographs: Dianna Snape.