Parlour is reviewing, revising and updating the much-loved Parlour Guides to Equitable Practice and we would like your help.

The Parlour Guides to Equitable Practice were created in 2014 to help architecture move towards a more equitable profession, one that offers opportunity for all and is better positioned to meet contemporary challenges.

It is now time to refresh the Guides to ensure ongoing relevance, to reflect current research and best practice, to respond to new challenges and, above all, to ensure the Guides are inclusive for all. To achieve this, Parlour is asking for input from the Parlour Collective.

How do I participate?

There are two main avenues – choose the one that best suits you:

What changes will be made?

The aim is to update the guides to ensure they continue to provide effective and meaningful advice to individuals, practices, professional groups and organisations. Proposed refinements include:

  • Incorporate new developments, research and shifts in best practice.
  • Incorporate changes in workplace norms in built environment practices.
  • Update in relation to workplace changes and equity challenges brought by the pandemic.
  • Revise language around gender to ensure the guides are inclusive of all gender identities
  • Ensure an inclusive, intersectional approach that emphasises equity for all – no matter what gender, ethnicity, socio-economic background, sexual orientation, age or religion.
  • Review language around work/life and family life to ensure the guides reference a broad mix of external demands and pursuits (not just traditional family life).
  • Embed concerns about mental wellbeing / burnout when revising all guides.
  • Update relevant legislation and the material provided in the Further Resources and Further Reading sections.
  • Develop new guides on particular topics, including sexual harassment.

EOI for focus groups

The Guide Focus Groups are now full and are underway. If you are interested to provide feedback on the guides please do so via the forms below.

Online feedback

Click on the links below to review the current guides and provide feedback via the online forms.