Listen in on this inspiring and advice rich conversation between Karen Ognibene and Libby Ba‑Pe from the 2021 Brisbane Autumn Salon.

Our conversationalists for this episode are Brisbane architects Karen Ognibene, and Libby Ba-Pe. Karen is director of KO&Co Architecture and Libby is an associate at JDA Co.

This conversation ranges from strategies for balancing work and personal life and setting boundaries, to business development and client relationship building. Both provide networking advice, articulating the importance of enjoying what you do and who you do it with.

Karen and Libby explore the enjoyment of working on the social and environmental aspects of projects, discussing the level of responsibility required as an architect to do this effectively. The advice they would offer to their younger self includes the value of continued learning, making conscious choices that align with your values, and prioritising skill development.

This session was recorded live on Yuggerah and Turrbal Country at the Brisbane Autumn Salon. Held at Cox Architecture on 21 April 2021, it was organised by Emma Healy. Photographs: Alanna McTiernan.