Migration. Women. Architecture, a compelling, beautiful and exquisitely edited issue of Architect Victoria, is now out – we encourage everyone to read it!

Migration. Women. Architecture
Migration. Women. Architecture cover, featuring Woven Chronicles, the 2018 installation by Reena Saini Kallat, at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Edited by Marika Neustupny, Mirjana Lozanovska and Maryam Gusheh, with Sonia Sarangi and Helen Duong, this special issue presents a remarkable array of contributions from 24 women. Each tells a snippet of their own migration story and introduces readers to a place and significant architect from their country of origin. Together, these offer a rich collective consideration of culture, place and migration, and glimpses into places and work that will be new to many. The short introductory essay sets out the core concerns of the issue and short eloquent accounts of the editors’ own experiences, framed through three recollections, each 20 years apart.

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Our own formative experiences of migration, coupled with engagement with recent women migrant architects and architecture students, motivated us to consider diversity in architecture through the lens of culture and place, alongside gender. We feel this intersection can add insight into the opportunities as well as barriers and inequities that can be experienced by women in architecture and add nuance to the role that cultural difference brings to this dynamic. We want to advocate for and share migrants’ knowledge and capacities, and to highlight the creative potential of cultural exchange. Most importantly, we want to use architecture as a medium to build awareness and curiosity, to demystify cultural difference and foster acceptance and exchange.

Marika Neustupny, Mirjana Lozanovska, Maryam Gusheh

Woven Chronicles by by Reena Saini was purchased with funds provided by the Roger Pietri Fund and the Asian Art Collection Benefactors. Kallat, image copyright Art Gallery of NSW.