Emma Williamson & Kerry Reed | Adelaide Winter 2021

Confidence, community and sustainability – Iisten in on this lively conversation between Emma Williamson and Kerry Reed from the 2021 Adelaide Winter Salon.

Our conversationalists for this episode are Emma Williamson and Kerry Reed. Emma was CEO of The Fulcrum Agency in Perth at the time of this recording. She is now Western Australia’s Government Architect. Kerry is involved in the Adelaide Sustainable Building Network and democracyco. 

They talk about the importance of stakeholder and community engagement, and the need to take time to do this well. Emma reflects on working with Indigenous communities on housing projects, where sitting and working with communities helps them develop a voice that flows into future projects. Together, they discuss experiences with the Citizens Jury Process, where it is also important to slow down, to give time for people to make social connections and develop empathy. This lively discussion also explores how sustainability considerations alter their practice, maxxing out HECS credit and making men listen to you! 

This Salon was recorded live on Kaurna Country at the South Australian office of the Australian Institute of Architects in Winter 2021. Emma Williamson was brought to Adelaide courtesy of the ACA. Organised by Ali McFadyen, the Salon was supported by Parlour Partner AWS. Photographs: Ben Liew.