Charity Edwards & Hélène Frichot | Melbourne Autumn 2020

Oceanic urbanism, more-than-human and the complexities of care – listen in on this fascinating conversation between Charity Edwards & Hélène Frichot from the 2020 Melbourne Summer Salon at the MPavilion.

Our conversationalists for this session are Hélène Frichot and Charity Edwards. At the time of recording, Hélène had just returned from Stockholm to join the University of Melbourne, while Charity was at the Monash School of Architecture and Design.

Charity and Hélène’s intense and thoughtful conversations explores institutions, action and activism. They discuss feminist intersectional practices, discourses of care, precarity, and their overlapping interest in thinking about the more-than-human – including Charity’s research on oceanic urbanism.

This Salon was recorded live on Wurundjeri Country at Melbourne’s MPavilion on 1 March 2020 and was supported by Parlour Partner AWS. This recording comes to you courtesy of the MPavilion podcast library (hence the double introduction). Photographs Alex Salem.