Setting up practice, changing scale and juggling children and work – listen in as Emma Williamson and Suzie Hunt speak frankly about life and architecture at the first Perth Salon from 2017.

This episode is from the first Salon held in Perth, back in 2017. Our conversationalists are Suzie Hunt and Emma Williamson. Suzie is director of Suzanne Hunt Architects. At the time of the recording, Suzie was WA President of the Australian Institute of Architects, while Emma had recently become director of Cox Architecture.

Emma describes the challenges of moving into large practice after twenty years spent developing her own. Our speakers are open and blunt about the challenges of setting up practice while raising children, but they are ever-optimistic about the possibilities of architecture. In the years since this session was recorded, Emma has established another new practice, The Fulcrum Agency, with Kieran Wong.

This session from the 2017 Perth Autumn Salon was recorded live on Whadjuk Nyoongar Country at the Brickworks Design Studio on 8 November, 2017. Organised by Justine Clark, it was held in collaboration with the WA Chapter of the Australia Institute of Architects and was supported by Parlour Partner AWS. Photograph: Aimee Jones.