Getting started on your first Wikipedia entry can be daunting. We can help you work out where to start, and how to find the resources and references you need.

Use the WikiD Guide to Wikipedia Editing

The WikiD Guide to Wikipedia Editing is an essential tool to learning how to navigate the Wikipedia interface, how to choose a topic, and how to write an entry.

Start small

Take on a small number of entries – writing Wikipedia entries involves time and effort, so it is better to do a couple well. And if lots of people do one or two we can make a real difference.

Suggested topics

We have a crowdsourced spreadsheet that identifies possible subjects, references and resources. Please add your suggestions and indicate if you are able to write yourself. Please also encourage your colleagues to participate. These names are also listed on the Wikiproject ‘subjects’ page.

We recommend that you start off with a straightforward topic – someone who clearly meets that Wikipedia notability criteria, and for whom there are at least three good published references and resources.


Start researching and collecting material ahead of time. The following research material will help you get started:

Reference articles and news items

Bronwyn Hanna, one of Australia’s foremost historians working on women in architecture, has very kindly made her collection of published pieces on Australian women architects available for the Wikipedia project. You can access these here.

Please note, these are provided for reference purposes only – content should not be reproduced word-for-word.