Watch the 2021 Online Spring Salon – a lively conversation with Katerina Dracopoulos and Simone Bliss to mark the arrival of spring.

To celebrate the arrival of Spring (and the end of lockdowns), Parlour hosted a vibrant online chat between Katerina Dracopoulos and Simone Bliss.

Based in Brisbane and Launceston, Katerina and Simone did not know each other before Parlour put them together on Zoom for a broad-ranging conversation about life in architecture and landscape architecture. The engaging discussion is full of humour and serious commitment to quality, professional integrity and the meaningful contributions that can be made through design.

We learn about Simone’s new experiences in Launceston, and the delight Katerina finds in her home town of Brisbane. And find out where they would go on a blind date – a small Greek island with delicious food anyone?

This session was recorded on Thursday 4 November 2021. The Parlour Seasonal Salon program is supported by Parlour Partner AWS.