Sophie Bence Pipp Jensen

Listen in as Sophie Bence and Pippa Jensen chat about the pleasures, possibilities and tensions of working in Tasmania at the first ever Launceston Salon in 2019.

Our conversationalists for this session – the first  Launceston Salon – are Tasmanian architects Sophie Bence and Pippa Jensen. Sophie is one of the founders of Hobart practice Bence Mulcahy and spearheaded the development of The Findlay Project, which brings the women of Tasmanian architecture together. Pippa is an architect at Cumulus Studio in Launceston. 

Together, they discuss experiences of working in Tasmania, and the influence of the landscape on their careers. The conversation traverses their childhood interest in design and wanting to build, the meaning of home and being surrounded by nature. They talk about the cultural need to ‘get off the Island’, the benefits of returning for family and career, and the impact of motherhood on those choices. 

This session is from the 2019 Launceston Spring Salon. It was recorded live on Wiradjuri Country at the Launceston Brickworks Studio on 6 September 2019. It was held in collaboration with The Findlay Project and the University of Tasmania and was supported by Parlour Partner AWS.  Photographs: Nina Hamilton.