Parlour POD Cath Hall Hannah Webber

Listen in as Cath Hall and Hannah Webber chat about all things Tasmanian in this lively recording from the Spring Salon.

Our conversationalists for this episode are Tasmanian architects Cath Hall and Hannah Webber.  Cath is a founding director of 1+2 Architecture, while Hannah was working at Circa Morris Nunn Architects at the time of the conversation.

Their lively discussion traverses many topics, including the historical gender inequality within the Tasmanian architectural community, being the only woman in the room and the challenges of setting up a business in conjunction with motherhood. Exploring how cubby houses, camping and the Brady Bunch inspired their beginnings as architects, they bring a specifically Tasmanian view to their practice in terms of connections to nature and how it impacts design.

This episode is from the 2018 Hobart Spring Salon. Held in collaboration with The Findlay Project, it was recorded live on Muwinina Country at the Hobart Brickworks Studio on 15 November 2018. Photographs Nina Hamilton.