Watch Sarah Lynn Rees and Danièle Hromek yarn about some tricky challenges of the moment. Amidst all the interest and enthusiasm, how can we avoid simply picking out the easy bits and thereby diminishing the potential of Designing with Country?

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This yarn is, in some way, a love letter to you all. We believe everyone’s intentions are good – but we are concerned. We’ve enjoyed seeing how much enthusiasm there is for developing understandings of how to work with Country, culture and community over the past few years. We know that nobody is able to design with Country to the fullest extent of what that could mean – not even us. Clients and systems don’t currently allow it. We are doing everything we can to make it better for the next generation.

But we need to chat. Because we are seeing too much behaviour that only threatens to diminish what Designing with Country could really mean. This yarn provides some examples of our experiences and why we think these range from innocuous to dangerous. Perhaps most importantly, it includes a conversation about how you can avoid being another person who takes the parts they like, or are convenient, without recognising the importance of a holistic understanding. We want to see a future where what Designing with Country means can reach its true potential for the health and wellbeing of Country.


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This session was recorded live on Zoom on Friday 3 March 2023. Deadly Djurumin Yarns are a collaboration between Deadly Djurumin and Parlour.