Listen to this affectionate conversation about heritage, mentoring and collaboration with Ruth Woods and Leah Gallagher.

Our conversationalists for this episode are Ruth Woods and Leah Gallagher. Ruth is a Brisbane-based heritage architect and Leah is a Director at KIN Architects.  

Ruth and Leah met as mentor and mentee, with Ruth passing on her architectural heritage knowledge to Leah. The conversation shares relatable advice about how to cultivate a similar collaborative relationship, including having shared values and understanding – for Leah and Ruth this meant shared respect for the role heritage work plays in society.   

This episode is from the 2021 Brisbane Winter Salon. Organised by Emma Healy, it was recorded live on Yuggerah and Turrbal Country at the Brisbane Brickworks Design Studio on 15 June 2021. Photographs Alanna McTiernan.