Leone Lorrimer and Ninotschka Titchkosky discuss their experiences of architecture at the big end of town at the 2019 Sydney Spring Salon – this session is available as both podcast and video.

Our conversationalists for this episode are Leone Lorrimer and Ninotschka Titchkosky. Ninotschka is co-CEO of BVN Architecture. At the time of the recording, Leone was a strategic consultant following a long career with leadership roles in large practices. Subsequently, she has returned to big practice and is now National Practice Leader at GHDWoodhead.

The conversation is a fascinating insight into two articulate, amusing and generous women who have stellar careers in large practice, and who are keen to support those who come after them. They hadn’t met before they sat down for this public event and it is a pleasure to learn about their careers and commitments as they get to know each other. They speak of the value of mentors and of having doors opened, of kicking others doors open, and opening them for others – and much, much more.

Photographs: Aimee Crouch. This session from the 2019 Sydney Spring Salon was recorded live on Gadigal Country at the BVN Architecture office on Monday 23 September, 2019. Organised by Justine Clark, it was supported by Parlour Partner AWS.