Watch What is Designing with Country?, a yarn between Danièle Hromek and Sarah Lynn Rees.

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Designing with Country. Country Centred Design. Connecting with Country. Indigenising the built environment. All these phrases have been thrown around over the last few years, but what do they really mean? What is designing with Country? In this salon-style yarn, Sarah Lynn Rees and Danièle Hromek discuss their experiences, concerns, challenges and loves when it comes to bringing culture, community, kin and Country into the centre of the architecture and design process.

In this sixth Deadly Djurumin yarn, Sarah offers practitioners tips on how to take first steps with Designing with Country. “One way of positioning Designing with Country is actually thinking about Country as your client.”

Danièle talks passionately about the need for all designers to “genuinely make connections with Country… It’s desperate. We can’t do ‘Business as usual’ anymore”.

Time and again, Sarah and Danièle see designers making well-meaning attempts to consider Country, but going no further than adding a yarning circle and a piece of art. As Sarah emphasises, while these are important cultural practices, there is much more to Designing with Country than artworks and surface treatments. It is complex. It requires a deeper understanding and respect for culture and community and place.

Both speakers offer generous and valuable advice on how to “go on the journey”, learning how to connect authentically with Country, feeling it and sensing it and experiencing it in a completely different way.

So, what is the number one priority when Designing with Country? How do we rethink the engagement process and make it fairer for all involved? How do Danièle and Sarah bring the complexity of Designing with Country into a system that doesn’t allow for it? How have they found space for it? What successes have they had? What change needs to happen? How do we convince clients that things have to change?

For answers to these questions and more, it’s well worth watching the video recording (with attached CPD).


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One hour of formal CPD on completion of the CPD questions.

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The series-wide learning outcomes are as follows:

  • To increase knowledge of Country and Cultural Authority among built environment practitioners
  • To improve understanding of the roles and experiences of of Indigenous practitioners
  • To increase understanding of authorship in relation to cultural knowledge and the implications of this in design contexts
  • To develop understanding of working respectfully and effectively with Traditional Custodians and Knowledge Holders
  • To increase understanding of the impact of design projects on Country
  • To support respectful and meaningful communication

The Deadly Djurumin Yarns are presented as a collaboration between Parlour and Deadly Djurumin. This session was recorded online on Friday 3 May 2022.