What do you, the Parlour community, want the general public to know about architecture in Australia? What would you say to readers of the Good Weekend should a journalist give you a call?

In response to the Good Weekend article and the ensuing outrage, Parlour is collecting short pieces – from 200-500 words. The aim is to provide a productive counterpoint; to tackle the themes of the article, the outdated stereotypes and the startling omissions.

Your response might relate to the themes of the article, or to its format, structure and selection of voices. You don’t need to write about all of it, just focus on one or two things you would like to bring to light. Together, we can create a comprehensive and meaningful account.

Some questions to get you thinking:

  • What is there to say about to the complicated connections between ‘local’ and international practice?
  • What would a nuanced history of this look like? Are there particular instances that cast new light on the current situation?
  • How do the processes though which our buildings and spaces are procured impact on the quality delivered, and the ongoing life of the community? Not to mention on the wellbeing and viability of the profession?
  • What is the potential of competitions and what are the challenges?
  • Sexism and the star system… (can you even believe we are STILL talking about it!)
  • What are the alternatives? How do we disrupt the starchitect? How can profiles and features celebrate project teams and different consultants/collaborators on a project? How do different types of partnerships work?
  • What does all of this mean in the context of Indigenising the built environment?
  • Whose voices do you want to hear from? What work do you want to see? What does the profession look like? What are the topics that matter?

Email us your submissions at hello@parlour.org.au

Please keep this productive. All of our standard editorial policies apply – in particular, no ad hominem attacks.