Listen to The Last Mile with Catherine Love, a wide-ranging conversation about alternative career paths and sponsorship models.

I am notorious for being fairly open and transparent – within what I can be as a director, understanding that certain things are not for public knowledge. And I find some staff want to know, and others get quite agitated if you reveal too much. So you really have to be aware of each staff’s personality, and tailor how you’re communicating with them to their personality, what they really want to know.

Catherine Love

Sponsorship allows people to explore outside the boundaries of a traditional career trajectory. Catherine examines alternative approaches to sponsorship that can have a positive impact, especially for women in part-time roles. In analysing these approaches, she talks about the importance of open and honest communication between the sponsor and sponsee.

Catherine Love is a Director, Sector Lead Hospitality of PTW. Her expertise is well recognised in a diverse range of building types from hospitality, mixed use including high rise residential and retail; social housing, educational and health. Appointed a PTW Director of the Sydney and Ho Chi Minh office in 2016 and Sector Lead Hospitality, Catherine was previously Design Director of the Shanghai office and Deputy General Director for Vietnam. Catherine regularly contributes to industry forums such as Women in Construction and Design (WIDAC), Design Inn, Australia Build Week Online and has participated as a tutor, lecturer and guest critic in a range of architectural education courses at UNSW and other Sydney universities and TAFE programs.

The Last Mile is an initiative of the Champions of Change Architecture Group Sponsorship Action Group.

Interviews were conducted by Brian Clohessy, Isabella Aliberti, Tia Soulakellis and Sam de Jongh and are published in collaboration with Parlour.