Listen to The Last Mile with Sally Campbell, a lively conversation about finding your place and your people.

I felt I could put my best foot forward. And it also means, I felt I could fail, and that I could openly ask for help, or I could get access to things when I needed them.

It gave me confidence to be myself in that environment, which really mattered. We’re all different and different practices are a bit different fit for us. Finding the right fit matters because it gives us that confidence to unlock our potential. Sometimes the right fit for us is different at different times in our lives as well.

Sally Campbell

Sally talks about two requirements for unlocking your true potential – finding your people and an environment where you feel safe to fail. Unlocking potential is different for everyone. She discusses what it takes to elevate people into whatever they want for their careers, exploring a range of ideas, experiences and motivations.

Sally Campbell is a Principal of BVN. Her enthusiasm for design and the vision of the projects she leads is contagious. She is naturally personable and effortless in her ability to engage clients, stakeholders, consultants and project teams at all stages of a project. She is an advocate for spaces that leave lasting impressions and believes everyone should have the benefit of living in, working in, or occupying well designed spaces.

The Last Mile is an initiative of the Champions of Change Architecture Group Sponsorship Action Group.

Interviews were conducted by Brian Clohessy, Isabella Aliberti, Tia Soulakellis and Sam de Jongh and are published in collaboration with Parlour.