Lisa Lisutu and Hariklia Pontikinas

Listen in on this sparky, interdisciplinary conversation between Lisa Lisutu and Hariklia Pontikinas from the 2022 Adelaide Autumn Salon.

Lisa and Haraklia met for the first time at this session. Both had been requested as speakers by previous salon attendees and both have a reputation as spirited and lively. The hunch that they would get on, proved absolutely correct. The entertaining conversation includes the healthy banter of architect versus engineer, career highlights, role models and an honest account of their experiences as women working in the construction industry – along with and their most used emojis.

This episode is from the 2022 Autumn Salon and was recorded live on Kaurna Country at the Adelaide Brickworks Design Studio on 7 April 2022. Organised by Ali McFadyen, it was supported by Parlour Partner AWS. Photos Benjamin Liew.