Collaboration for better design outcomes, curiosity for the design profession and navigating challenges – listen in on this spirited conversation between Josephine Evans and Victoria Clarkson.

Our conversationalists for this session are Josephine Evans and Victoria Clarkson. Josephine is a Director at JPE Design Studio and Victoria at the time was a graduate of architecture at Grieve Gillett Andersen.

Their chats centres on the pleasures of participating in extracurricular activities, and the connectedness this brings. Both speak passionately about how we can be far more powerful as a collective and the importance of prioritising collaboration for better design outcomes.

This conversation also offers rich advice on the benefits of having a career in architecture that cultivates a deep curiosity and passion for the built environment. They delve into how this can better equip architects to navigate the challenges and complexities in their field of work in and around architecture.

This session was recorded live on Kaurna Country at the Adelaide Summer Salon. Held at the Brickworks Design Studio on 24 February 2021, it was organised by Ali McFadyen. Photographs: Ben Liew.