Watch Parlour LAB 10 on More Than Human design with Charity Edwards and the Bawaka Collective – you can purchase access to the CPD below.

LAB 10 explores more-than-human design in the context of the built environment. What can we learn from non-human actors when considering buildings and projects? How can we better understand place and community as more than human? What are the unseen impacts of our work, and what does this mean for they ways we undertake it?

Charity Edwards discusses her research on urbanising oceans in the talk “More Than This”, followed by “Caring as Country in/as the built environment” a video on the work of the Bawaka Collective presented by Sarah Wright and Lara Daley. They then join Kali Marnane and Amanda Achmadi for a discussion about the methods, contribution and potential of more-than-human design research within contemporary practice.

The video includes a special appearance from Charity’s cat Rufus, along with bonus content from the conversation after the session.

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