Watch Stepping Up on Parental Leave, a frank and useful conversation with Philip Vivian of Bates Smart, Zoë King of Cox and Richard Sucksmith of John Wardle Architects – includes bonus footage from the conversation after the event.

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Good Parental Leave schemes are important for improving equity and supporting and retaining women in the profession. This is not just a matter of supporting women to access leave, it is also a matter of ensuring that everyone is able to play full and meaningful roles as carers. Parental Leave schemes are now a key factor in attracting and retaining excellent employees. So what is best practice? What is the business case? What does the process of developing a Parental Leave Policy look like and how does this interface with practice cultures?

Watch Philip Vivian of Bates Smart, Zoë King of Cox and Richard Sucksmith of John Wardle Architects as they discuss the many ways in which excellent parental leave schemes can help improve equity, in conversation with Justine Clark and Monica Edwards. The resounding message from this session is to get started as early as possible.

For more on the topic, watch the Light at the End of the Tunnel session on Parental Leave with Chi Melhem and Hari Pliambas.


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Stepping Up is a collaboration between Parlour, the ACA and the Champions of Change Architecture group. This session was recorded online 6 June.

For more on introducing a Parental Leave policy, see What is Parental Leave and Why Does it Matter? and How to Create an Effective Parental Leave Policy.