Watch this essential Deadly Djurumin Yarn on the challenging topic of racism with Dr Danièle Hromek, Dr Rebecca Kiddle and Sarah Lynn Rees.

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Rebecca Kiddle on the impacts of racism and the distraction from the fundamental issues of our time.

It’s time to talk about racism. This is a difficult and uncomfortable conversation; one we must not shy away from.

We have had 21 Deadly Djurumin Yarns so far. Many of us know a lot more than we did at the start, and we know we have much more to learn. This next Yarn is a tough one – for speakers and for the audience. But we must have these conversations if we are to progress within the built environment professions, and indeed as nations.

Let’s start at the beginning. Colonisation occurred on the back of some fairly well developed racist ideologies, bringing with it ways of designing, architecture and planning that continue to affect Indigenous peoples and Country. The places now called Australia and New Zealand are deeply impacted by racist behaviours and systems – individual racism, institutional racism, structural racism. Architecture and planning also contain racist ideas at their core.

Indigenous peoples and other minorities regularly experience and push back on the racism – from everyday and ‘invisible’ racism to shocking occurrences that take one’s breath away.

So, what can we do? We need a societal and industry-wide effort to ensure that that the load is not carried by those experiencing the racism, but rather by those who can address it.

To start, we must talk about racism. We must recognise it in all its forms. We must learn how to respond and how to push back – in the moment, and across a lifetime – and we must understand how best to support our colleagues, peers and friends.

Watch this important conversation with Dr Danièle Hromek, Dr Rebecca Kiddle and Sarah Lynn Rees – learn from their knowledge, listen to their experiences, take another step towards being an excellent ally and accomplice and help address racism in our countries and professions.

For resources to support safe and respectful conversations, download Let’s talk race: A guide on how to conduct conversations about racism from the Human Rights Commission. To learn more, explore Racism: It Stops with Me, and the extensive content available on IndigneousX – for example “10 Things You Should Know about Systemic Racism and There is No Best Way to Respond to Racism

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This session was recorded live on 29 November 2023. The Deadly Djurumin Yarns are a collaboration between Parlour and Deadly Djurumin.