This Deadly Djurumin Yarn turns our attention to Law, lore and law, to bids and contracts and to how we can all help protect Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP) within our processes and protocols.

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Danièle Hromek on Law, lore and law.

Understanding traditional First Nations knowledges and how they can lead and be integrated in a culturally appropriate manner is critical to ensuring First Nations peoples can safely be part of built environment projects.

What mechanisms can help ensure that all parties are able to get what they need? Western law includes contracts, agreements, standards and specific clauses, like Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP). How can this be effectively incorporated in built environment contracts? Is this a meaningful way to protect and recognise Indigenous knowledge and knowledge holders? What are the obstacles? What can practices, practitioners and professional bodies do to support and protect Country, knowledge holders and Indigenous practitioners in relation to contracts and the law?

The yarn is convened by Danièle Hromek with Justine Clark. They are joined by Sionea Breust, an Aboriginal lawyer who works closely with Danièle and her consultancy Djinjama, and Liza Power, a communications and business development specialist at JCB Architects who has extensive experience on bids and a background in journalism. Together, they bring complementary expertise and experience to this complex and fascinating topic.

Danièle Hromek and Sionea Breust on architects’ obligations in relation to ICIP.

For more information about ICIP refer to the collection of resources and insights based on work by Djinjama.

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This session was recorded live on 4 August 2023. The Deadly Djurumin Yarns are a collaboration between Parlour and Deadly Djurumin.