There is much work to be done and Parlour has big plans. Work and projects to come include:

Marion’s List

We need never again hear the excuse ”we asked one woman, but she couldn’t come“.

Marion’s List, a public register of the women of Australian architecture, will be launched mid-2015. This will convey the richness and depth of women‘s involvement in Australian architecture and will encourage further participation in architecture‘s public culture.

Marion’s List will provide a resource for those organising events, conferences, symposia and juries. It will increase the visibility of women in the profession and help enable new professional and social networks.

Following the launch of Marion‘s List we will investigate establishing the Parlour Pledge, whereby individuals will commit to not participating in public events with fewer than 30% women speakers.

Portraits of Practice

Portraits of Practice: At Work in Architecture is currently showing at the Tin Shed’s Gallery at the University of Sydney. Curated by Naomi Stead, Justine Clark Maryam Gusheh, Fiona Young and  Gill Matthewson, this exhibition brings Parlour’s research to life through two photographic series, which differently document architects and architectural workplaces. Portraits of Practice draws on the visual sociology component of the research to simultaneously recognise women working in architecture, to raise questions about what an architect looks like and to provide a powerful reminder of the challenges faced by women in Australian architecture. The exhibition runs from 9 July – 11 September, 2015.

Women. Wikipedia. Design

Parlour is delighted to be part of an international collaboration that has received seed funding from the Wikimedia Foundation to increase the representation of women architects on Wikipedia. Parlour is working with ArchiteXX (New York) and n-ails (Berlin) to develop an education and advocacy program to encourage people to write Wikipedia articles on women in architecture, and will provide material to help them do so successfully.

Parlour “How To” workshops

Based in the Parlour Guides to Equitable Practice, the Parlour ”How To” series of national workshops will extend further practical support and advice practices on establishing equitable workplaces and to architects on navigating careers. This series is currently under development.

Parlour networks

Parlour plays a vital role in building networks and communities, both online and through events. Parlour : Inc will extend these networks, including running events that will provide opportunities for the Parlour community to connect and support one another.

A space to speak

This website (and twitter account) has been a vital part of Parlour’s success. It is an important platform for discussion, research and resources, and helps us reach diverse audiences, near and far.  The website enables many voices to contribute to the conversation about gender and architecture. It also helps us support equity initiatives by others. Parlour : Inc will actively commission a broad range of new content – profiles, tips, reflections and polemic – all of which will facilitate a more inclusive, equitable, robust and sustainable profession and discipline.

Parlour advocacy

Advocacy has been a large part of Parlour activities to date – we have successfully put gender equity on the agenda for Australian architecture. The Parlour team has spoken at many events, conferences and symposia, both professional and academic, and has made submissions to various enquiries, based in the findings of the ARC research.

Advocacy is a vital aspect of our work, and we will continue to make submissions, to provide research findings to support the work of others, and to speak at events, conferences and symposia. We are receiving an increasing number of invitations to speak in international contexts – and in September 2015 Justine Clark will speak at the American Institute of Architects‘ Women‘s Leadership Forum.

Parlour resources & education

Parlour : Inc will build on the success of our existing resources – notably the Parlour Guides to Equitable Practice – to develop further material to help architectural practices become more equitable, and to help architects navigate the complexities of working in architecture.

New resources will include case studies that demonstrate how different practices successfully manage part-time and flexible work – both the opportunities and challenges – and a kit of model equity policies for practice.

We will work with Parlour Partners and the Parlour community to disseminate this material widely, and to identify and develop other resources required.

Parlour research & publications

Publication is particularly important for disseminating the research widely, for ensuring that the work has lasting impact and enabling others to use the evidence base in their own advocacy work.  The research behind Parlour has led to many publications, both professional and scholarly. Parlour : Inc will continue this. This will include developing various draft reports onto a set of final reports, and publishing a comprehensive account of the findings of the Parlour surveys. There is further analysis to be undertaken, and members of the Parlour team continue to publish academic papers, with are plans for a book.

Parlour archives

The Wikipedia project is one part of a larger ambition to recognise those who have gone before, and to collect and publish material on women architects and equity initiatives in architecture and the built environment.

Parlour Prize

One for the future. We will explore establishing the Parlour Prize to recognise those who have achieved remarkable work in advocating for gender equity in the profession.