A symposium from Architecture + Women NZ, on the occasion of the exhibition Between Silos.

‘Architecture in an Expanded Field’ covers the many creative disciplines that architectural training and research can lead into, and be included in architectural practice. The boundaries of what constitutes architecture, and a career in architecture, are constantly being tested, with crossover categories between disciplines occurring often.

Architecture can be seen as a mobile discipline operating on the edges of other barely contained fields; architecture absorbs and is absorbed into film, fashion, art practices, engineering and writing. There are many women architects who operate in these productive margins of architecture, possibly because the traditional career path is often broken (for academic, travel, health, family reasons) and then re-stitched in non-traditional ways.

The Symposium Architecture in an Expanded Field will examine the many expanded fields in practices around the country and the world today and how the participation of women in these areas of architecture have a productive and positive impact on the wider profession today.

Keynote speakers are Yui Tezuka of Tezuka Architects and Justine Clark, editor of Parlour.

When: September 20

Where: Auckland, New Zealand

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