The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects has released the AILA Gender Equity: Next Steps report, which sets out a roadmap for improving gender equity in landscape architecture.

AILA Gender Equity: Next Steps is a companion to the Census Report 2001–2016: Women in Australian Landscape Architecture, released in January 2019. Both reports were the result of a research project commissioned by AILA and undertaken by Parlour and the XYX Lab at Monash University. (The Census Report was written by Gill Matthewson, and Next Steps by Justine Clark.)

Next Steps is the second stage in AILA’s Gender Equity Project.  It outlines the actions that AILA will take to address gender inequity in two main areas:

  1. Ensuring AILA’s own activities and processes support women in landscape architecture.
  2. Providing resources, information and support to assist the profession in moving towards a more equitable future.

The ongoing work of implementing the report is undertaken by the Gender Equity Working Group.

At Parlour we are very pleased that AILA is taking the research and recommendations very seriously, and we look forward to following progress.

Download AILA Gender Equity: Next Steps