The City of Women, a new book edited by Dr Katia Frey and Dr Eliana Perotti, documents women’s contribution to urban planning (in German).


This is one for our German-speaking readers. The City of Women. Urban Concepts, Projects and Realizations (19th–21st Century) documents the contribution made by women to urban-planning discourse.

“It opens up new thematic and methodological horizons for urban-planning research, and discusses a potential ‘other’ theory of urban planning. The prioritisation of the social in urban-planning thinking hints at the topicality of a ‘feminine’ urban-planning concept, a competency, which meets the most urgent issues of urbanisation demand (globalisation, migrant workers, urbanisation). This investigation of an urban-planning discourse by women – one that corresponds to the emergence and evolution of urban planning – is intended to fill the historiographical gap in the history and theory of urban design.”

The City of Women. Urban Concepts, Projects and Realizations (19th–21st Century)
Edited by Katia Frey and Eliana Perotti
Published by Reimer, September 2015