The Wellbeing of Architects research project has a new survey out – this one is for students. Has studying architecture affected your mental wellbeing? How and in what ways? Share your experiences, and give us your thoughts!

Take the survey today, or send on to the architecture students in your life.

This survey is for everyone studying architecture, including bachelors, masters and postgraduate students. It asks about study-related wellbeing, the sense of professional identity, perceptions of support, and the impact of architectural study culture and practices on mental wellbeing.

The first survey and focus groups with architecture students conducted in 2021 generated important insights on the wellbeing of people studying architecture in Australia. This second survey will enable the research team to track changes in the wellbeing of architecture students over the last two years.

This follow-up survey is an important component of the research project. It builds on the knowledge established through the first survey and focus groups, and on earlier work undertaken by others. More information about the larger project can be found here.

The data collected will inform resources, toolkits and practical advice to help architectural students and educational institutions to better support their people and create positive cultures.

Participation is voluntary, anonymous and confidential. Completing the survey will take around 15 minutes.

So grab a cup of tea and settle in to contribute to a better understanding of the experience of architecture students, and a contribution to greater wellbeing for all!

The survey will be open until 3 October.