Robin Boyd’s 1953 Bridgford House will be open from 13–15 October as part of the Beaumaris Modernist Festival 2023. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to see Frances Burke fabrics up close, in an original and unaltered Boyd masterpiece. Weekend design talks are also available.

Boyd’s 1953 Bridgford House, commissioned by Charles “Bill” Bridgford and his wife Phyllis, will be transformed into a “House Museum” as a feature event of the Beaumaris Modernist Festival 2023. Curated by Robyn Oswald-Jacobs and Jeromie Maver, the exhibition will display a selection of rare and original mid-century Frances Burke fabrics, doubling as a lecture space to host several Burke-related talks. A selection of framed and unframed Burke fabrics will be available for purchase at the exhibition.

Design Talks

Frances Burke’s (1904–1994) bold prints, with their vibrant colours and distinct patterns, found a following among the leading architects, interior and furniture designers of the 1940s and 50s, including Robin Boyd, Roy Grounds, Marion Hall Best, Grant Featherston and Clement Meadmore. In a special talk, authors Nanette Carter and Robyn Oswald-Jacobs discuss their research and book ‘Frances Burke Designer of Modern Textiles’ at Walsh Street, with a special focus on her connection to Boyd and other architects of the time. 

Professor Philip Goad and Maggie Edmond also come together to share their connection with the area. Philip grew up in nearby Beaumaris, in a mid-century house that featured Frances Burke curtains. He is internationally known for his research on modern Australian architecture and extensive work as an architect, conservation consultant, and curator. Maggie‘s family owned and occupied The Bridgford House for approximately 50 years. As the principal of Edmond & Corrigan, one of the most prestigious post-modernist firms in Victoria, Maggie’s work has been highly awarded across multiple typologies over the decades.

The Bridgford house is also available on Airbnb for short-term accomodation.


Friday 13 October to Sunday 15 October 2023


Bridgford House, 242 Beach Rd, Black Rock VIC 3193


Design Talk: Nanette Carter and Robyn Oswald-Jacobs on ‘Frances Burke Designer of Modern Textiles’

Saturday 14 October, 1.30 pm

Design Talk: Prof. Philip Goad & Maggie Edmond

Sunday 15 October, 10 am
Sunday 15 October, 12.30 pm

General Exhibition

Friday 13 October, 4.30 pm
Saturday 14 October, 10 am 
Saturday 14 October, 11.30 am
Saturday 14 October, 3.30 pm

Student Sessions

Friday 13 October, 10 am
Friday 13 October 11.30 am

This is a fundraising event. All money raised will be donated to ‘The Make Fund’, an Australian Communities Foundation fund (VIC Fundraising License 12510).