Are you interested in housing that is good and does good? Researchers, designers, service providers, developers, funders and policy makers are invited to  join the Housing Assembly, a three-day online symposium on the social value of affordable housing.

Housing Assembly

Running over 3–5 November, Housing Assembly is convened by the Melbourne School of Design in collaboration with the Hallmark Research Initiative for Affordable Housing.

The event brings together a broad range of international and Australian speakers to address the social value of affordable housing:

  • What (beyond financial profit) makes housing truly valuable?
  • How can demonstration projects play a role in inspiring new thinking, encouraging experimentation and building coalitions for best practice social housing?
  • How can we harness unprecedented levels of investment in social and affordable housing to deliver the best social outcomes?
  • How can we expand our conceptualisation of ‘what matters’ when it comes to housing?
  • What can we learn from international best practice and home-grown solutions to build a truly valuable housing system?

These questions will be explored through three days of case studies, presentations from key thinkers, industry-focused panel discussions and workshops. Keynote speakers include Saskia Sassen, Emma Power, Barbara Penner, Kurt Hofstetter and Michael Maltzen.

Tickets are very affordable – $50 for the three days, or $30 concession.

Find out more on the symposium website, and book here.

The Melbourne School of Design is a Parlour Partner. This is the third Symposium of the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning (ABP). The second ABP Symposium was Transformations; Action on Equity – which Parlour was delighted to co-convene.