ISOscape project creator Jaslyn Ng has designed a series of illustrations to explore the challenges of physical distancing.

What is 1.5 metres? 

We are definitely no stranger to this rule. We have been advised by the government and the health officials to maintain safe social distance and stay 1.5 metres apart for the past six months. However, when you are in public space, how do you ensure you are really 1.5 metres away from another person?

Sometimes I just want to take my measuring tape out and measure everywhere I go. Let’s see how can I utilise everyday items to estimate this distance when we are out and about.




*ISOscape (short for isolation-scape) is the ever-changing new way of living, where social distancing is a necessity between individuals as a result of the current global pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19). 

The ISOscape project was created and curated by Jaslyn Ng, an architecture educator and experienced senior architect based in Melbourne, Australia. This project aims to address and respond to the impact of the current pandemic to individuals, families and greater communities. This is a series of open discussions created to challenge the ever-changing isolation requirements.