Nikita Morell shares her favourite podcasts, must-read books and knowledgeable marketing folk to follow on LinkedIN.

Hello, I’m Nikita. I’m a copywriter and marketing strategist for architects. I help architects clearly communicate the value they bring to projects, so they can get a steady stream of ridiculously good projects.

Why architects? Quite frankly, I think you’re brilliant. Name one other profession that equally applies logic and creativity? (hint: there isn’t one). You give shape to our world. No one else makes this their ultimate goal. That’s why I’m on a mission to help you get the recognition you deserve.

I know your to-do list is most likely longer than your left forearm, but if you want your ideal clients to think of your practice first, it’s important to prioritise marketing and communications. You could spend hours Googling “marketing resources for architects” or you could check out my curated list below…

Nikita Morell



The Architecture Firm Marketing Podcast with Dave Sharp

This is an exceptional podcast. Architecture Marketing coach Dave Sharp has candid conversations with architecture practice founders about business, marketing and communications. Dave is witty, and has a knack for getting guests to open up and share the ins and outs of their marketing tactics.

You’ll walk away with marketing ideas you can apply to your own practice.

It’s the perfect podcast to listen to on your daily walk, commute or when pumping iron at the gym.

Start with this episode: Rebecca Caldwell from Maytree Studios

Everyone Hates Marketers with Louis Grenier

Straightforward and always to the point, Louis is a marketing genius. This podcast is for architects who want to stand out in the sea of architectural sameness and are willing to take some marketing risks. (However, if you don’t like swears words, this may not be for you!). Louis has an extraordinary ability to draw very insightful and actionable tips from his guests and allows them to explain both the how and why.

Start with this episode: Peep Laja: “Make your brand stand out, fight sameness and be genuinely different”

Seth Godin – StartUp School

I’m a big Seth Godin fan. I’ve read (and re-read) all of his books. But I particularly like this podcast series.

Seth guides thirty entrepreneurs through a workshop exploring how they can build and run their dream business. The nuggets of advice in this podcast apply to architecture practices, not just startups. You feel like a fly on the wall as Seth generously imparts lots of marketing advice.



The Win without Pitching Manifesto
Blair Enns (Gegen Press, 2010)

I wish it was compulsory for all architects to read this book. If you want to position yourself as an expert, read this book as soon as you can. Blair addresses the common pitfalls that creatives run into, and shows how to set yourself apart from the myriad creatives who are willing to do free/spec/cheap work for those who do not value their skills. It’s almost guaranteed to change the way you look at, talk to and deal with any clients. It’s written in a constructive and practical fashion – get your notebook and pen ready… I’ve never made so many notes while reading a book.

The Brand Gap
Marty Neumeier (Pearson Education US, 2005)

A very short, concise book that summarises the do’s and don’ts of building a brand. It’s a perfect beginner branding book for architects. Filled with graphics, the ideas are communicated very clearly throughout. My favourite line: “Your brand is not what you say you are, it’s what they say you are.” Clear and to the point.

Michael Lewarne

I binge-read Michael’s blog – it’s that engaging. He distils various ideas about the nature of the architecture industry into engaging articles. His articles cover everything from the challenges of communications in architecture practice to how architects should rethink their identity. A former architect and now an architecture business coach, Michael’s advice is well-informed and relevant.

People to follow on LinkedIn

Jeff Echols – Clarity & Context

Jeff works closely with Entrearchitect and is the host of Context & Clarity. Jeff is one of THE best speakers I know and his passion for improving architecture branding and communications is next to none. I’m a huge fan of his work.

Bec Kempster – Archibiz

Together with Ray Brown, Bec is the co-founder of Archibiz. They offer loads of resources to help architects with the day-to-day running of their business.

Amy – Markedly

Amy is a marketing consultant for architects, designers and creatives. She is super smart and an all-around lovely human.

And some resources of my own…

Architects Wordshop: Communicate your value

I created an online shop filled with step-by-step guides to help you write (even if writing is not your strength). Check out Architects WordShop here.

30 Website Fixes in 30 days

I studied more than 663 architecture websites and made a series of short videos to record my findings. You can watch them here.


Thank you to Parlour for inviting me to share my favourite resources. The architecture industry world needs more supportive, generous and insightful communities like yours.

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