In preparation for the launch of Parlour’s very own podcast, Anwyn Hocking has put together a list of other inspiring podcasts for and by women in architecture and design.

Whether you need something to listen to on a morning walk or distract you from lockdowns, the following podcasts will have you laughing, learning and thinking with others in our broad design community in no time!

Architecture is Political 

Architecture is Political is a podcast created and hosted by architectural designer Melissa R. Daniel. Defined as the podcast “where black and brown folks have a conversation about architecture”, Melissa explores the neighbourhood where she grew up in Washington DC and interviews various people in the built environment, from architects to activists and politicians. Episodes range from such broad topics as urban renewal and public health, Muslim women in architecture, gentrification and mapping segregation.

Architecture is Political is available on Spotify.

Design Voice Podcast

The Design Voice Podcast, hosted by Catherine Meng, amplifies women’s voices in the architecture and built environment professions by capturing their stories through candid and open conversations. Podcasts include Julia Gamolina discussing the founding of Madame Architect; Jennifer Wolch, the William W. Wurster Dean and Professor of City and Regional Planning in the College of Environmental Design at UC Berkeley, chatting about speculative futures; and PJ Glasco, Principal at Cannon Design, on designing healthy environments.

The Design Voice Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google and Pocket Casts.

The Doyenne Interviews

The Doyenne Interviews is an Australian podcast featuring prominent women working in architecture and design. Launched in 2019 and hosted by Bridget Nathan, the interviews present a resource and source of reflection about what it means to be part of the design industry. Topics include family life, mental health and advocacy within the profession. Clare Cousins, Catherine Duggan, Mel Bright and Tania Davidge are just a few of the inspiring people Bridget has interviewed.

The Doyenne Interviews is available on Spotify.

The Archemist Podcast

“We’re all victims of the architect. Architecture is the only art that you can’t help but feel. You can avoid paintings, you can avoid music, and you can even avoid history. But good luck getting away from architecture…” (Brandon Stanton, Humans of New York, 14 October 2014)

Inspired by Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York caption, The Archemist Podcast aims to open conversations with those who are interested in architecture, whether they are involved in the profession or not. Hosted by Kimberley Hui, this Australian podcast acts as an extension of her blog – Alchemist in the Making – as an audio journal of thoughts and discussions with her friends. From conversations with students and new graduates, to interviews with mentors who have continued with architecture or branched out from the discipline, the Archemist Podcast tackles identity issues within the architectural profession.

The Archemist Podcast is available on Spotify, Google and Apple Podcasts.

She Builds Podcast

She Builds is a podcast exploring the untold stories of women in the design and construction industry throughout history, who are seldom discussed at university but have shaped the industries of architecture, construction and development over the last century. Episodes range from conversations about Florence Nightingale as a pioneer of healthcare architecture design; Dorothy Mae Richardson, a pioneer in community-led design; and Nobuko Tsuchiura, the first woman to practise architecture in Japan.

She Builds is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.