How might we alter the future of architecture to generate a more equitable, effective and robust profession? What might such a discipline look like? How can architecture make meaningful and exciting contributions to communities, while also being more inclusive?



In 2013 Transform approached the question from a range of directions, with each session exploring change in the profession from a different perspective and scale. There will be plenty of time for discussion and we hope the audience will actively participate in the discussion.

The program was as follows. You can also download the poster program – beautifully designed by Catherine Griffiths.

Introduction and welcome

9 – 9.15 am

Naomi Stead and Shelley Penn

Advocacy, activism and the futures of architecture.

9.15 – 10 am

Keynote by Lori Brown, followed by a short discussion with Shelley Penn and Ben Hewett. Chaired by Justine Clark.

Morning tea

10 – 10.25 am

Do architectural workplace cultures need to change?

10.25 – 11.45 am

What strategies – formal and informal– can we use to develop equitable and productive workplaces? How can periods of parental leave, flexible or part-time work be managed to benefit both individuals and organisations? How can processes for retaining, rewarding and developing staff be made fair and transparent?

A panel discussion chaired by Sandra Kaji-O’Grady with Misty Waters, Bill Dowzer, Lee Hillam, Ann Lau and Gill Matthewson.

Can policy drive professional and disciplinary change?

11.45 am – 1 pm:

An interactive workshop session led by Naomi Stead and Amanda Roan seeking feedback on a draft suite of guidelines and fact sheets aimed at promoting equity and diversity in the profession. Aimed both at employers and employees, the Parlour good practice guides will set out rights and responsibilities, hints and tips, on a range of issues including pay equity, flexible work patterns, meaningful part time work, avoiding a long-hours culture, negotiating working conditions, and others. Have your say, make a contribution, and help change the profession through policy.


1 pm – 2 pm

What are the possible futures of architecture?

2 pm – 3.25 pm

We invent new ways of practising out of the current moment. In recent years architecture has faced the crisis of global financial restructuring and an accompanying revolt about the narrow limits of architecture’s interests and skills.  This panel explores the value of new knowledges, interdisciplinary work and diverse career pathways, expanding the public discussion about what architects do.

A panel discussion chaired by Karen Burns with Esther Charlesworth, Sibling, Paula McCarthy and Rory Hyde.

Afternoon tea

3.25 pm – 3.50 pm

What is an architectural career?

3.50 pm – 5.15 pm

How do we navigate career turning points and moments of transition? How can we strategise our careers while also responding effectively to surprises and contingencies that arise along the way?

A panel discussion chaired by Julie Willis with Emma Williamson, Sara Stace, Kathrin Aste, Felicity Stewart, Virginia San Fratello and Elizabeth Watson Brown.

Wrap up panel

5.15 pm – 5.45 pm

Lori Brown, Shelley Penn, Naomi Stead, Karen Burns and Rory Hyde.

Closing drinks

5.45 pm – 6.45 pm

Just in case you have any energy left for more talk!