Midday, Monday was Parlour’s online networking series for students and graduates, supported by the University of Melbourne. This series is now at end, but we encourage students and young practitioners to join us for our other events.


Midday, Monday is an online networking series for the Parlour student and graduate community; an opportunity to forge meaningful connections beyond current physical confines. The series is student-led – conceived and run by hosts Sarah Mair and Bronwen Main, who both have direct experience of the difficulties facing students and recent graduates navigating this unique time.

Participants joined Sarah and Bronwen from anywhere – across Australia or internationally – to share their experiences of remote learning and working. We facilitated friendly, informal discussions about challenges and strategies, while fostering new connections. Sessions were run on Zoom, with networking occurring in small breakout rooms – four to six people per room.

There will be icebreakers and challenges provided, or take the conversation in the direction you need. How was your day? What is the state of the industry? What are the challenges of studying online? What are the new or unexpected opportunities? What books are you reading right now? What is it like looking for a job in this market? What’s next?


All students and grads! Studying or practising, or those active in architecture and the built environment in other ways, people of all genders, we hope all will join us.