How do we put policy to work? Watch the panel discussion from Transformations: Action on Equity, with Emily Grandstaff-Rice, Jocelyn Chiew, Amy Muir, Natalie Galea and Naomi Stead.

Gender equity policy has much potential, but how can we ensure it is deployed effectively? How can it gain traction and achieve real change? What are the challenges of putting policy to work?

Emily Grandstaff-Rice (American Institute of Architects), Jocelyn Chiew (Australian Institute of Landscape Architects), Amy Muir (Australian Institute of Architects), Natalie Galea (Australian Human Rights Institute, UNSW) in a panel discussion chaired by Naomi Stead. From the first day of Transformations: Action on Equity.


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Transformations: Action on Equity was the second ABP Symposium, presented by the Melbourne School of Design and Parlour, November 14–15, 2019.