How and why do we recover the histories of women’s active participation in shaping the built environment?  Watch Jude Barber, Sarah Rafson, Madhavi Desai and Karen Burns discuss recent projects to rewrite history in a Transformations panel discussion chaired by Julie Willis.

How do we recover the histories of women’s participation in the built environment? How does this reshape our understanding of the past and the present? What barriers, assumptions and disciplinary norms are challenged by rewriting built environment histories?

Jude Barber (Voices of Experience, Collective Architecture, Scotland), Madhavi Desai (India), Karen Burns (Global Encyclopedia of Women in Architecture, MSD) and Sarah Rafson (Now What?!, ArchiteXX, US). From day 2 of Transformations: Action on Equity.


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Transformations: Action on Equity was the second ABP Symposium, presented by the Melbourne School of Design and Parlour, November 14–15, 2019.