A meeting across the water. This special online Parlour Salon is an opportunity to listen in on a fascinating conversation as Birdy Bird and Jade Kake meet for the first time.

Birdy Bird (Land Back Foundation) and Jade Kake (Matakohe architecture + urbanism) share their stories and wisdom, and found much common ground. Both are incredibly articulate and generous speakers, providing a jam-packed session of information and advice. (The event was so rich with fascinating insights that we abandoned the regular Salon format of breakout room chats and extended the Q&A session for an additional half an hour. We could easily have extended another hour.)

The conversation was wide-ranging, from land rights and reparations in both Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand, to the importance of active listening, consensus building, and critically interrogating what we do as architects, particularly when it comes to ethics. Birdy and Jade gave excellent advocacy tips, sharing their expertise in dealing with hard-headed clients and government, “choosing violence in the nicest possible way”, standing their ground and advocating strongly for community.

“You have to be brave to advocate. You must not be afraid of having those difficult conversations.”—Birdy Bird

So, what makes a good co-design experience? What is the best approach to design appropriately and respectfully with Community? How can architecture be a tool for healing rather than a weapon? For answers to all these questions and more, watch the full recording today!


This session was recorded on Wednesday 16 March 2022, and was part of the Asia Pacific Architecture Festival.