Parlour POD Christie Bailey Natasha Ugrinics

Listen in on this entertaining conversation between Christie Bailey & Natasha Ugrinic about paths taken and opportunities found.

Our conversationalists are Christie Bailey and Natasha Ugrinic. Christie is a Director at Brown Falconer and Natasha at the time was the Business Development Manager at Brickworks. Remarkably, Natasha stepped up as a conversation partner at the very last minute when the scheduled speaker had to pull out!

The result is a light hearted (and at times hilarious) reflection on their career progression – from student days at UniSA studying architecture and interior architecture, to overseas travel and work, and navigating those fork-in-the-road moments of “what do I want to do next?”

This episode is from the 2021 Adelaide Spring Salon. Organised by Ali McFadyen, it was recorded live on Kaurna Country at the Adelaide Brickworks Design Studio on Thursday 21 October 2021. Photograph: Benjamin Liew.