Listen in as Naomi Stead and Angelique Edmonds talk about how we find and make home, drawing on their personal connections to Adelaide along with their research and practice commitments. This conversation was staged as part of the 2019 Adelaide Festival of Architecture “Ideas of Home”.

Our conversationalists for this episode are Naomi Stead and Angelique Edmonds. At the time of the recording Naomi, who grew up in Adelaide, was Professor of Architecture at Monash University in Melbourne. She has since moved to RMIT. Angelique was a Senior Lecturer at the University of South Australia, having moved to Adelaide as an adult.

In this fascinating conversation, Naomi and Angelique discuss connection to land and home. Exploring what the landscape of South Australia means to each, they look at how we can take home wherever we choose to travel. Suggesting that one’s home   arrives with the box of books, or a particular snack being made in the kitchen, Naomi and Angelique explore the importance of having somewhere safe to call your own, and making this accessible as the world becomes more populous and globalised. Through laundry, Goon of Fortune, and long walks along cliff faces, they traverse how to separate work from the home.

This session from the 2019 Adelaide FAD Salon was recorded live on Kaurna Country at Nexus Arts on 18 July, 2019. Organised by Ali McFadyen, it was supported by Parlour Partner AWS. Photographs: Benjamin Liew.