Watch Stripping the Colonial Veneer: Revealing Blak Places, with Kaylie Salvatori, Theresa Bower and Georgia Birks. This challenges ongoing processes of colonisation, reveal Blak places, and discuss ways to better support Indigenous built environment practitioners.

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The built environment as it stands tells a very colonial story – and this process of colonisation is ongoing. Western culture is still all-too-often positioned as the norm, as ‘neutral’ or ‘objective’, with anything outside this framework described as ‘diversity’ – that is, not dominant, not imbued with colonial / patriarchal / imperialist values.

This Yarn explores these challenges, explaining that, until the values and processes imbued in design processes change, colonisation continues and Indigenous people do not have culturally safe places. This becomes even murkier when Indigenous practitioners are engaged in the process of development without structural change to that process. They are effectively coerced into their own colonisation and, simultaneously, asked to carry a huge cultural burden.

All-too-often, Indigenous built environment practitioners are expected to know things they don’t know, to speak for people they can’t speak for, and feel pressured to put an ‘Aboriginal veneer’ on a design. The constant need to reiterate the importance of co-design processes in the face of these expectations creates an enormous additional burden, and is particularly challenging for newly employed graduates.

This Yarn helps to educate non-Indigenous professionals about the Blak places that lie behind the colonial veneer. In doing so, it aims to help create a more supportive environment for young Indigenous professionals, one in which they can develop their skills and abilities and flourish as practitioners.


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This yarn was recorded online on 1 July 2022.